Exterior Painting

   Colorado's weather takes an extreme toll on the exterior of your home. From the hot sun fading your paint to the hailing damaging it.
    Mountain Crest Painting is here to walk you through the steps we take to insure you get the correct Exterior Paint job to protect your home for as long as possible. 
  We offer multiple different paint grades to fit all budges.  All of our Exterior Paint projects come with a 1 year warranty.  Sheermax Caulking is used on all exteriors, for the extra protection against any kind of water damage. 

   When you schedule a Free estimate with us Our estimating crew will thoroughly walk the property..  get up on latters and check all aspects of your home.
    Mountain crest painting will then discuss with you what needs to be done and what services we can provide to fit your budget.  An estimate will be sent to you within 24 hours of the schedule bid. 
    All of our estimates  include multiple options for you to choose from.   
​   of course with any exterior work it is all depending on our ever changing weather.


Exterior paint Grades

Mountain Crest Painting only uses the top grades of paint. We have paint to match with any budget.  House painting is important for many reasons. Obviously, a good paint job beautifies and adds character and personality to your home. ... But paint also serves as one of your home's primary lines of defense against weather, insects and other damage, so it's an important aspect of home maintenance to keep up on as well.

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